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Subject: local story of perseverance and pluck

Dear Editors:

I thought I’d twig you to a local (Annandale) story of unusual perseverance, pluck and “old dog” prowess in learning and negotiating the day’s booming bureaucratic hurdles to save his home from foreclosure by a bank that has received $25 billion in taxpayer subsidy under the Troubled Assets Relief Program. Wells Fargo, a California-based bank, now—after a protracted fight—has given this Fairfax County septuagenarian 20 days to prepare for home sale.

Mr. Robert Wilson of 4029 Travis Parkway, Annandale, Virginia is a man who has served his country and spent much of his spare time developing and producing public service radio programming in the basement of the home in question.  He is also lately a live-saving heart bypass patient whose main occupation during his healthy days was to perform waterproofing services to county and Virginia state residents in such a way as to accord him a reputation among former customers that is unimpeachable—and may be checked out.

He now, however, is at the end of his rope—and options—and it was my suggestion to take this “sunset years” plight story to the local media.  If nothing else, the subject would make for a slice of life story about a local resident that has plumbed the depths of the administrative state for relief and, perhaps like many others in your circulation area, ultimately came up without help—except, to its credit, for what Fairfax County has provided.  This, it seems to me—also a reporter, but in Maryland (G.M. Corrigan)—seems a story of current and provocative interest, given the pervasive effects of the country’s economic downturn and its effects on those no longer physically able to compete in the marketplace.

Anyway, thought I’d pass this on to you.


G.M. (Mike) Corrigan

Credits: Washington Post, Baltimore Examiner, Baltimore Magazine, Credit Union Times, Washington Times, N.Y. Times, The Federal Credit Union, etc.


This man has served as a soldier in our U.S. military since he was age 21 - and the day he began serving America, he still honors the oath he took on his first day of service. And that is to serve, protect, preserve and defend America, our Constitution and our God which this nation was founded upon against all enemies both foreign and domestic. He observes this oath and will always until he taking his last breath. He has shown this continuously by his activities which include as broadcaster for the national radio broadcast - "Wale Up America" which he has done for over 30 years, together with his unique broadcast close: "God bless you and God bless America!"
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